Welcome to the Fifth Estate

Geoff Livingston  |  Marketing
9.4 / 10
Welcome to the Fifth Estate

An insightful and down-to-earth exploration of citizen media, "Now Is Gone" was among the pioneering works to capture the essence of the social media revolution, emphasizing the fundamental principles of engagement and community. Drawing from a wealth of experience in the realm of award-winning campaigns, "Welcome to the Fifth Estate" serves as your indispensable guide to constructing a successful and enduring social media initiative.

This comprehensive resource not only offers well-founded strategies, practical tactics, and invaluable measurement insights but also equips businesses and nonprofits with the knowledge required to tackle internal cultural challenges. It steers you away from the allure of passing trends, such as shiny object syndrome and the pursuit of personal branding. Moreover, Adam Ostrow, Editor in Chief at Mashable, provides a forward that offers a reflective perspective on the ever-evolving media landscape.

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